The blisters have dried up (well mostly) and are hardly hurting now. Ive had my feet on ice packs to bring the inflammation down. I shall decide in the next day or so whether to excavate them or not.
The really annoying thing is that my left knee is really sore. I twisted it before the off whilst decorating and thought that it was better after a few days. However my Hamstring tendons behind my knee have been strained and they are very tight and sore which has also set the knee off again.
Reaching the overhead luggage rack for my sack. A guy in the seat I had to reach over decided to get up as I was just taking the weight, forcing me slightly to one side. I immediately felt a heavy 'Twang' in the tendons behind my knee, and limped off the train. Damn typical, I thought.
We went back to Grasmere today to recover some gear that I had left at the B&B there, everything in the wash now.