Although slightly different it reminded me of a note I wrote in one of my journals a few years ago:-

I remember seeing a "gentleman of the road", more commonly called "a tramp", at the end of my road some years ago sitting on the grass patch just resting. At the time I thought about him as I had seen him over the other side of the Pennines a year or so previously near Preston. He was somewhat unkempt with long grey hair and a long beard. By the look of it he had quite a few overcoats on despite the weather, however he looked a nice old man. I always wished that I had stopped and had a chat but I was in a rush to get somewhere in the car. Such a different life to mine at the time but I must admit to thinking that he had a very uncluttered and simple albeit, in my terms, a hard life. I hope that he was happy but I did, I think, envy the free life he had to go whenever and wherever he wanted by foot. Perhaps the enjoyment I get out of long distance walking has something to do with those thoughts.
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