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Sorry to hear about the blisters Dave, but as you say it was a great 2.5 days walk to get that far.

Are you still wearing the Hedgehogs ? I got a new pair recently, the latest spec which is lighter than before but to me they dont seem as comfortable under foot, less cushioning.
Pity as I really like they previous ones.

Hi Les & Heidi,
Yes I wore my red Hedgehogs which I wore during both Spine races with Sorbothane double strike insoles. No blisters at all during the Spine(s). These were not surface friction blisters but deep ball of foot ones caused by deep sheer forces beneath metatarsal heads. I think this time, especially as they started to manifest so early on, was wrong sock choice, which gave my feet too much room to move about inside combined with the heat of day and moving at an average 3.5 mph as far as Black Sail. Ive always found on the long distance ones that if I average 3 mph I am prone to blisters forming whereas at 2.5 mph I am not. No heel blisters though.
I am going to get anew pair of hedgehogs soon but will inspect first due to your comments, cheers.
Did you get to do your C2C?