I get mine (for distance walking) a full size bigger than normal and my normal size is at the roomy end. I don't like, or I should say my feet don't like anything near tight or confined. They complain even if my socks are on the close fitting side. hence my shoes are always slightly loose. Ive run and walked for years in loose shoes, on road and over the fells. The only time Ive tightened them up was for XC racing.
That's how I made my error with the socks. They were too thin and my feet were slopping about in the shoes, I'll have to get a few more pairs of Thorlo Treckers, my favourite. Problem is I always place a Compeed under the ball of foot and this ruins the socks.
This last time I also taped over the Compeed but somehow they moved to the side of my feet and still got the socks gooey.
Good to hear you got out even if not C2C.