Traditional slipway start Dave - message 4 is hidden behind 3 at 4:00am and is exactly from the pitch site in the far corner of the field - dropped tent of in a secure location for collection by local animal rescue* - then hot footed it down FP by Marner Beck which has tree cover blocking next signal probably - stopwatch at start shows 04:32:53 - supposed to be 4:20 but I'd forgotten how long it takes to strike a tent and pack it up! Next signal is just before going under trees at Farsyde Hse after turning off Cleveland Way turning inland.

*for E to W 'ers buying a cheap tent and staying at Middlewood Fm. site (8 pitch fee) may be an option to consider. I arranged with the local animal rescue to collect it later that morning, along with a few other bits, to aid their car boot fundraising. Middlewood proprietors were very helpful and there is a lot of support for RAW Animal Rescue in the area.
Booking a bed for 1 person for 1 night not easy - they really want families and couples for their luxury ensuites and some want minimum term and reluctant to tie up a bed when it could be more profitably let otherwise. Fair play to them of course.
St Bees or Bust!
A Walk in the Park...s