Cheers Mike - that Lovesome Hill is proving elusive though...

I'd love to see someone else have a go at this same line.

The North York Moors took more out of me than last time and I had no wayfinding issues so what do you do - to get that last 7m to the Northallerton road..?
Playing catch up next day wasn't part of the plan either, but I was well chuffed to get to Keld for 10pm.
How I got it so badly wrong next morning, I think was more down to too much confidence as I'd covered that ground a few times now and there is a good dry route, but I just missed it in the mist (maybe a GPS unit would help..?) and ended up in bogs - whether this was down to the wet June, who knows - can't have helped, but it took hours just to get a few miles... thus ruining my chances of getting to the YHA at Waterhead. The SPOT markers show my position too far to the north - I did try and correct but too little too late. My other error was in not turning S on the hill bagger's track to come out near the obvious feature as shown on OS as a double dashed line and clealy shown on Google. Its' big big mistake to think you've got all day as well...

Full respect to Dave for his 3 days 15 hrs - a longer route and with a tent!
St Bees or Bust!
A Walk in the Park...s