Ive got a free entry to this race starting on September 15th at 8pm from Sedbury Cliffs, Chepstow. It has a 3 days 18 hours time limit, with tight cut offs at every check point.
do i stand a chance of finishing and setting an over 60, 65 and 70's VFKT (verified fastest known time) only time (no pun intended)will tell.
However its unlikely to be honest as Ive had no training apart from a few usual walks and 65 mile non stop along the Dales Way a few weeks ago. Had a run last week too which brought out a problem with my hamstring tendons, could be a compressed nerve following a very long non stop drive home from Scotland some weeks ago.
Anyway I will making plans just in case i am timed out at a checkpoint or i decide to retire at one. Discounting unmanageable injury, I plan on finishing the route following such an incident, at my own pace so will pack what I require for this in my drop bag which is transported to Checkpoints at 52 and 100 and 155 miles.
I will post the link to anyone who is interested in following the tracker arrows.