I am still alive and doing some long walks with no real name or purpose other than to do it and keep my hand in. However, a friend and I had a go at this Derwent walk, 55 miles it is, the book splits it into several stages, but we tried to do it in one go.
It is fairly easy to follow, no real big climbs, High Tor in Matlock is the biggest, it has some grubby bits to it, like through Derby but it has some nice bits, like through Chatsworth Park. With 18 hours and over 50 miles of walking, much of it through the night, we had to give up just a few miles from the end. It was so painful and hard to keep going, but I am not too un- happy about the result really. Not everyone's idea of fun, but a challenge which arose from the likes of Slogger who put ideas into my head about 'ultra walks' after I'd done the C2C earlier this year.