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At 177 miles I guess that they were enjoying themselves looking at the views. Not all of us are either fit enough to do it in less or have a desire to do so. As this is your first post we obviously have a lot to learn from you. At "only 30-35 miles per day" you should start training for 2012! Alternatively you could try the Land's End to John O'Groats, I think the record has only got down to about 10 days.

I walked it north to south in six days and still had plenty of time to look at the views and visit what few pubs along the way there were worth having a few pints in. 42 miles was my longest day and I neither consider mysely unduly fit nor have any interest in sport or achieving any records. If others have a fortnight or so spare for Offas Dyke and want to take that long then so be it.