I think it depends entirely on one's motive for walking. I did the C2C last year and took 12 days. I saw the same people in the pubs each night and walking during the day, which would indicate that 12 days is a very common itinerary. Whilst I walk for peace and quiet and solitude, and of course to admire the scenery, I'm not averse to chatting with a fellow walker for a few minutes and I quite enjoyed the social aspect. I particularly enjoyed the fact that if I fancied a chat in the pub, there was always a familiar face. If I wanted to be left alone that was OK too. Using words or phrases like "mental strength, mindset and pushing the limits" implies that the motivation is to stretch and challenge oneself, (maybe to the point of discomfort?). I can fully understand that, having run long distance as a hobby when younger. Life would be dull if we were all the same, as they say