I walked the Dales Way earlier in the year, camping at most places. I camped at the campsite in Appletreewick - which was fine - but this might not be open in Winter. I remember some patches of grass by the river which might have worked for wildcamping, but not sure how this would go down in those parts. The second night I camped in a field above Redmires Farm. I asked the farmer if I could camp there and they were fine about it. It was possibly the best place I camped - perched on the side of the valley, great view over to Buckden, and a gorgeous stream running by where I camped which meant I got a good wash. I'd be surprised if the farmer didn't let you camp there - they seemed pretty friendly. Third night I camped in a farmer's field at Cowgill opposite the Sportsman's Inn - think this was meant to be an official campsite, but it was just a field - and again - I'd be surprised if the farmer wouldn't be happy for you to camp there (although you'd probably have to pay for this one). I have to confess that - following a day of deluge - I opted for a B&B in Sedbergh - so can't help you much there. I remember a few miles further on the next day walking along the Lune and thinking that there were some great places there to camp by the river - although no pubs nearby if that's something you'd want. My last night I camped at Burneside Hall Farm - which was OK but perhaps not my favourite overnight stop. But I'm sure that this one would be available in Winter. Hope this is useful.