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Well Harland unlike you I get more amused than annoyed at this fast v slow and how many days certain posters claim to complete a walk on this message board.This is only my second posting,my first respose to someone seeking company on the SWCP and he didn't even have the good manners to reply.Maybe this time a little rattling of cages and a genuine respose to your enquiry might do the trick.Living very close to Offas Dyke I have completed it on many occasions in varying numbers of days and this detail is only important to me.So when I read of members bragging about "just over 5 days" and "it took me 6 days" I smiled and looked closer at their message.I am sorry but I only deal in whole numbers and "just over 5 days" is in fact taken him 6 days.But the most amusing is LL who took 5 whole days plus 2 half days but completed it in "6 days",NO you didn't you had an extra nights rest so that is 7 days on the trail.I think maybe next year we should do Offas Dyke on 8 cosecutive half days and then we could claim a 4 day PB.Really a few members should consider taking up fishing with their tall stories.
Finally on a more serious contribution if you are really looking for company on LEJOG or JOGLE I am more than very interested.

Although it might be ammusing, this "fast v slow" debate can also be useful, with its details of how many days different walkers spent, in helping potentail walkers decide how long to allow for the route.
I fail to see how you can class as "bragging" anyone factually stating how many days they took on the Offa's Dyke Path, especially as I've not noticed any boasting in the posts of myself and others.
My earlier comment was based on always having considered two halves to constitute a whole one, but if you wish to view my Offas Dyke walk as seven days rather than six that's fine, the number of days being of no consequence to me, the walk itself and being able to complete it in the allotted time being all that mattered.
Starting and finishing at lunchtimes was a consequence of me living some distance from the Offas Dyke Path, my choice not to do it in six whole days being because the prospect of spending a night in Prestatyn beforehand would have put me off the whole idea of the walk.
You express disappointment that someone "didn't even have the good manners to reply" to an earlier post of yours and you might find this happens again if you continue to make you comments as negative as in your latest post.