Hi all,

Myself and 3 friends are doing the DW from Ilkley to Bowness in June. It's our first attempt at a long distance walk.Though we are reasonably fit.

Our plan is : Day 1 - Ilk -Grassington 16 miles?
Day 2 - Grass-Buckden 11 miles?
Day 3 - Buckden-Dent 23 miles
Day 4 - Dent -Burneside 21 miles?
Day 5 - Burneside- Bowness 12miles?

How does this sound to those who have done it? We did the Beckermonds - Cam section the other week, so hopefully have seen the hardest bit in advance!

I'm a bit concerned about Grassington as apparently there is a diversion at a farm somewhere? Does anyone have any clear up to date info on the route to take on this -or tips to avoid us getting lost - I have the OS maps.
My other concern is not having too much Dent Brewery liquid refreshment! We are staying at B& B's en route.