I am planning another attempt at the Dales Way non stop, starting tommorrow morning (Monday 20th July) around 9am. This will be my 5th attempt at non stop, however the first time I walked the route was over 8 days with my wife. Of the 5 attempts 3 were successful and 2 failures at 40 miles and 65 miles.
You have to be on your metal to succeed in these as any underlying problems comes to the fore with a vengence by 30 miles and inevatably leeds to failure.
I still have the 5 day C2C attempt in my head and have recently proved that I can manage over 30 miles a day on multi day trips carrying a wild camping pack, so I going to see how I go with this once more. I am going for shear distance and speed, so I will go as lightweight as possible wearing my Merrell Exotech adventure racing shoes. Here goes!