Hey all. Just got zapped by an electric fence next to a stile. It was on the first few fields after crossing the M6 at Lambrigg Head (page 36 of Gemmel and Speakman's The Dales Way route guide.) Had turned left past the barn, walked down the lane, turned right onto the paddocks. Things went pear shaped quickly - got stuck up to my knees in the mud approaching the stile. It was in the second or third paddock after turning off the lane, and just before stepping down into the Holme Park entrance, that I reached for balance in crossing the stile and got zapped. Couldn't understand why the electric wire was there - it was at the top of an existing fence, and right next to the stile.

Also, take care after Beckfoot, as the path is badly waywarked. A lot of time can be wasted way finding.

Fortunately, I'd booked a night at the Jolly Anglers in Burneside. The friendly welcome and hospitality there soon made up for the tiresome experience. Highly recommend staying here - very welcoming for walkers.