The air was blue in our house last week when we heard about the threatened rail strike. Tuesday 6 April. Our departure day for Newcastle, with those very cherished 10-60 Advance rail tickets!! Solution?? Quickly book two tickets on National Express coach; a bit more expensive (and several hours longer), but at least we've got two chances now, and the possibility of getting money back on the ones we don't use.
So our program is: April 6th Hadrians Lodge
7th Houghton North
8th Greencarts
9th Twice Brewed
10th Scarrow Hill (Banks)
11th Abberley House Carlisle, -twice, including 12th when our wives have driven up to rescue us from Bowness .
Managed to do some excellent 13 to 14 mile training circuits around the Lincolnshire Wolds with 400 metres of ascent! (not bad for "flat" Lincolnshire!!)