We have just done a training walk this weekend where we parked at Crowden car park and walked to Edale and then on sunday waked from Edale back to Crowden. I am due to start the walk proper in 2 weeks and now am having serious doubts about my capabilities...I have been training for over 12 months, and yes, I have aches and pains that I would expect after walking approximately 30 miles in 2 days, but I have to be honest my feet are blistered and I am hobbling around today...Is the first section really that physically demanding in comparison to the rest of the walk? Bearing in mind we did the section twice in 2 days? Or are my girly feet just not up to it? A gentleman we bumped into crossing the snake pass on our way back to Crowden reassured me that it is easier once you get north of Crowden apart from the Cheviots but by then you are in a flow and the first day is the killer!