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I prefer Goretex which I use in the winter, my main jacket is also a Phoenix. In summer on wet days I use a Lowe Alpine Triple Point Ceramic Jacket which is light and more breathable. I also have a Berghaus Paclite Goretex jacket which is even lighter but has no liner whatsoever and during days of constant rain as I found out during my PW trip, the cold gets through quite quickly.
I would go for a lightweight Goretex system with a mesh lining.
Poncho's do not have any breathing ability and flap about in wind, but then maybe I am biased after years of getting by with bicycle capes as walkers did 50 years ago.

I don't think that there is much difference between us ... phoenix waterproofs ... great but can you still get them?

Cycle capes ... years of wandering round in the heavy oilskin ones as I couldn't afford a lightweight one. You'll be telling me you used an ex-army metal framed canvas rucksac and Hawkins boots next!