Maybe the August rainfall levels in Yorkshire have affected my better judgement but last Friday, buoyed on by a reasonable long range weather forecast, I decided to phone a few hostels and B&Bs the result of which is that I start the PW this Friday the 8th September. Is anyone else starting from Edale on this date? The other posse members are unable to come on this trip and therefore I will be travelling solo. Had planned to do the walk pre-World Cup and in view of our teams performance wish I had walked in June. Main problems with bookings were two hostels at Baldersdale and Dufton the latter telling me during two separate phone calls "tell him we're full" and "we have no bookings for that Monday and we are now operating a flexible opening system so will not be opening". I contemplated using the baggage transfer company that covers the whole route for a trip starting in August but their rate was prohibitive.