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Is it possible to cycle the route easily?

It is many years since I did HW so I do not know what it is like now, but at the time I would say that doing two thirds of the route on bike would have been preferable to walking along an imaginary line where the wall used to be...as well as getting out of the Newcastle end as soon as possible.

All I can remember of the walk are endless pavements and jumping out of the way of cars traveling at high speed. Until I reached the part where the wall actually begins, paths slightly inland of the main roads were waist high in stinging nettles and there was the chore of the big diversions around fenced off farmersí fields.

The memories I have of walking through the Newcastle back streets were of crunching on broken glass and slipping on used condoms.

The best part of the walk, for me, was around Vindolanden and onwards to the coast.

Based upon my previous experience, I would say that if I ever did this route again I think that I would definitely consider biking it, or using a car.