Good morning all,

I'm walking from south to north in a few week's time, so after reading all the words of wisdom on here and picking up lots of useful tips, I have registered and have a couple of questions.

I'll be camping, mostly in campsites (so I can make use of showers, shops and public houses) but on occasion the way I'm breaking up the trip doesn't coincide with campsites so I will need to find myself a secluded spot. Pitching late and levaing early of course. I'll be sleeping under an ex-army poncho/tarp with a couple of walking poles so need a little more shelter that necessary for a normal tent. I'm after somewhere for the second night (between Crowden and Colden) and have seen people talking about a quarry which I can't see on the map. Any ideas?

Also the penultimate night (between Bellingham and Byrness, somewhere around Gibshiel Woods. It looks to me as though there is plenty of scope to find somewhere amongst the plantation, but I've some seen comments about it being a reeking bog which doesn't sound appealing. Bearing in mind it will be late April, do you think there will be somewhere sheltered and dry in that area, or thereabouts?

The last night I plan to use the hut near Lamb Hill (the last leg in one go is beyond me) and will get there good and early to secure a spot as it will be the night before the Royal wedding/May Day bank holiday weekend. If the hut is full there will be time enough to go on to Davidson Linn, or find somewhere nearby.

If you have any advice it would be much appreciated. I'm leaving Edale on 14th April, and taking 16 days over it - if you're about then we may bump into each other - I'll be the chap with a spring in my step and a sunny disposition as the rain pours down....

Many thanks, pip pip