I rarely post outside the c2c thread but it turns out my grandfather on my mother's side came from here. I found this out last year when an Aunt died and I spoke to some relatives after the funeral.
Inspired by the family connection (stifles laugh), this year I've spent hours plotting out the whole route and have had some great evenings viewing the whole route on 'flyby' on Google Earth (ah, were it this simple...)
Looks good... but then I recently discovered that there is a Rownall in Staffordshire... oops... Not so sure which it is with the family connection, though the Powys Rownal is right on the route and quiet close to my mother's birthplace nr Welshpool.
Still OD still looks like a route worth tackling and I have done quite a bit of spadework.
So which way is best S-N or N-S. I was looking at N-S but it looks better on the Northern sections (mind you I have probably spent longer going over the N end on Google)
St Bees or Bust!
A Walk in the Park...s