We did it in May 2006 in 11 days. We had difficulty dividing these 11 days into equal milage days. We found the terrain steep in places but not as challenging as the C2C.

We did not use the baggage transfer service like we did on our last walk, the Hadrian's Wall Path.

Here was our itinerary (that 3-mile day was an 'accident'. The little lady was not happy with just a three-mile day -- but there was a big hill and we watched some glider aircraft):

Day 1: Chipping Campden to Broadway (6 miles)
Windrush B&B
Station Road
1386-853577 (Evan & Judith Anderson)

Day 2: Broadway to Winchcombe (11 miles)
Oaklands B&B
16 Gretton Road
1242-602272 (Pat Anderson)

Day 3: Winchcomb to Woodmancote (8 miles)
Home Farm Cottage B&B
Stockwell Lane
1242-674935 (Jenny)

Day 4: Woodmancote to Cheltenham (9 miles)
Langett B&B
London Road
1242-820192 (Jennifer Cox)

Day 5: Cheltenham to Painswick (16 miles)
Orchard House
4 Court Orchard
1452-813150 (Barbara & David Harley)

Day 6: Painswick to Kings Stanley (9 miles)
Old Chapel B&B
Broad Street
1453-826299 (Jean Hanna)

Day 7: Kings Stanley to Nympsfield (3 miles)
St. Theresa's B&B
Front Street
1453-860531 (Ian & Chrissy Whittard)

Day 8: Nympsfild to Wotton-u-Edge (13 miles)
Old Farmhouse B&B
7930-367621 (Sarah Shearer)

Day 9: Wotton-u-Edge to Tormarton (10 miles)
Portcullis Inn
High St
1454-218263 (Dudley - Check In after 1800)

Day 10: Tormarton to Cold Ashton (7 miles)
The Chestnuts B&B
1225-892020 (Dave, Carol & Asher Watts)

Day 11: Cold Ashton to Bath (10 miles)
Cranleigh B&B
159 Newbridge Hill
1225-310197 (Denise & Colin Potter)

I hope this helps.
The older we get, the better we were.

C2C September 2004
Cotswolds Way May-June 2006
Dingle Way August-September 2007
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