We just finished yesterday to a combination of relief and joy, both thoroughly glad to have done it. There were a couple of major observations we had, first off although realising that camping and carrying all of of equipment would obviously make the walk more challenging we did not quite appreciate how much of a difference it would make. We walked the majority of the walk with our backpacks and camped all the way up until a bit of a disaster on our 3rd to last night caused a rethink. We had our bags picked up by family and did the last 2 days with just a day bag and stayed in B + Bs , it was a totally different experience and felt like we could have completed the walk at a canter if we had done that all the way. The second main impression was that we were expecting to meet several other coast to coasters along the way however we only encountered other c to c walkers on 1 day and only at 2 campsites on our 15 day trip!